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StarBox Android Smart Tv Boxes

DroidStar Electronics, Unit 104A Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15, Ireland

DroidStar Electronics are Ireland’s original and premier manufacturer, developer and retailer for high powered Android Smart Tv Box units. We are incredibly proud of our world famous StarBox Android Smart Tv Box series.

The StarBox Android Tv Box series has become known as the ultimate Smart Tv Box in all corners of the globe. We have an incredibly busy retail shop in the technology hub of Europe – Dublin, Ireland – and of course provide recorded worldwide shipping for all online orders via

With not only an incredible next working day delivery service for all Ireland orders placed before 2pm and 2-3 working day delivery to the United Kingdom and across Europe, DroidStar Electronics also have a walk-in retail shop in the busy district of Blanchardstown, Dublin if you’d rather pop into the store and get a demo of the amazingly cost effective StarBox K5 Cobra Android Tv Box or indeed the famous, premium StarBox Titan 8 Android Tv Box.

Our incredibly skilled sales staff in-store will be more than happy to walk you through the initial setup and user experience of the StarBox Smart Tv Box range and indeed be able to answer any and all questions you have regarding all functionality and features. You’ll certainly walk away and head towards home with your new toy knowing full well you’ll be able to stream content easy and in no time.

Our range of products are quite simply the most incredibly crafted and uniquely developed devices on the market, and there’s no sign of that slowing down. We’re continuously updating our base firmware to ensure that an incredible customer experience is guaranteed.

When it comes to pricing, we’ve got you covered. With a product to suit all budgets, DroidStar Electronics is focused on adding value across the board for each and every StarBox user.

Simplicity is key when using new technology, that’s why our android tv boxes have been developed from the ground up with that in mind. There are no incredibly difficult setup steps, and there are certainly no obscure processes for you to follow before you can enjoy the technology, the StarBox is quite simply: plug and play.

So you’ve went ahead and bought your StarBox but you have some questions afterwards? That’s no problem. Our dedicated Customer Support team are accessible 7 days a week, ready and willing to give you any help you need.

DroidStar Electronics are of course active on the official StarBox Facebook page, why don’t you join close to 40,000 fans and keep up to date with the latest news and promotions.

Why buy a StarBox?

No More TV Bills – Ever

With the StarBox Live Tv Player application preinstalled and fully equipped with a lifetime license, there really will be no more tv bills. With over 600 Tv Channels from all over the world to choose from, covering the UK’s most popular channels, movie channels, sports channels, kids channels and so much more absolutely free of charge, for life. Movies, Tv Shows, Documentaries on demand anytime you want isn’t a bad perk either. Don’t forget there’s so many, many more third party applications and services out there compatible with android that you can install for an even bigger choice. The days of huge monthly fees are gone.

Super Fast Worldwide Shipping

DroidStar Electronics uses a selection of robust, premium, insured and recorded courier partners to ensure our shipment chain is of the most reliable both domestically and internationally. All online orders for Ireland will be delivered the very next working day*. All orders to be shipped to the UK will be delivered within 2 to 3 working days, rest of EU orders normally arrive within 3 to 4 working days and rest of world generally within 5 to 7 working days. All online orders are packed carefully and robustly to ensure a safe journey direct to your chosen destination. Everything is recorded online, so you can track progress easily.

Pop In Store – We Demo Every Day

If you’re in Dublin or the surrounding areas, you should most definitely visit the home of the StarBox, DroidStar Electronics. The DroidStar shop is located in the busy and booming Blanchardstown district of Dublin, situated at Unit 104A Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15. We’re right next door to Power City and open 7 days a week. Our friendly and helpful expert staff are there every day to take you through our mindblowing demonstration and with no need to wait for shipping, you can take your shiny new StarBox home that very day. All StarBox models are in store, connected up to Panasonic 60″ LED HDTVs ready for you to play around with.

Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV

With a StarBox, your television set will be instantly transformed to a multimedia powerhouse, Smart Tv – without the hefty pricetag. As all StarBox models work on a custom build of the fabulous android operating system, you will have your choice of the nearly two million android applications currently available to use on your tv. From social media apps like Facebook and Twitter to music with the incredible Spotify, travel planning on Google Maps or even doing your shopping on Tesco – to browsing the internet, playing Clash of Clans and other remarkably addictive games and of course watching easy streaming video – your choices are unlimited.

Customer Support & 12 Month Warranty

Our products are brilliant, we know that. It’s extremely important however that you know there’s help at hand when you need a simple question answered, or you need advanced assistance with setting up a more time consuming configuration. That’s why our dedicated Customer Support team are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. We have nearly quarter of a million users of StarBox, and growing every day. Our robust and world class Customer Service framework is just as important as how awesome this website looks. If you need us, we’re here – consistently to help. Don’t forget, all products come with a full 12 months warranty.

Powerful Gaming On The StarBox

Our more powerful devices come with a hidden gem, not a secret as such but something not always known by our userbase. The StarBox Komodo and StarBox Titan are both incredibly advanced devices, with such powerful Processors, Graphics cards and RAM components – that they can quite literally be used as gaming consoles. We don’t mean you can play Candy Crush, which you can if you want to, but we mean HD gaming on Android. Shoot em up Zombie thriller, Dead Trigger or racing with the amazing Need for Speed killer, Asphalt 8. Also, and this is our favourite part, you can play all your favourite retro games from the Mega Drive, Snes and even the N64.

Value for money

A StarBox For Every Budget

Wide Shipping

Global Network Of Couriers

Customer Support

Ready To Help When Needed

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