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A StarBox world filled with entertainment!

Android is a well-known operating system that works great on more than a million devices like tablets, smartphones, Android Mini PCs and HDMI sticks. Nowadays, there are even smart cameras available in the markets that work on Android. Android was originally created by Android Inc. but soon even larger companies started taking keen interest in this operating system. Such large companies include Google. The company was taken over by Google in the year 2005 because Android is packed with wide-ranging software applications. Using Android, you get full freedom to make use of all the available Google applications through the continuously developing Google Play Store. The devices with Android operating system are very smart and they are getting smarter day by day because of their added features. One of the biggest advantages of Android is the availability and the use of hundreds of applications on Google Play Store. The benefits of Android include:

  • Easy access to the Google Play Store
  • Free Updates
  • Complete user control

Android Seems to be the Future

Very dissimilar to Apple and Windows, Android is a completely open platform with everyone having the opportunity of contributing to their very own development. Not only this, Android is even cheaper in comparison to computers and therefore it is much more attractive for the hardware vendors. An Android TV box is basically a smart TV box that works in the form of a mini computer using Android operating system. An Android TV box allows you to easily surf the internet, play android games and watch HD movies. You also get the opportunity of chatting through video calls by way of Skype with this smart TV box. There are endless possibilities of getting entertained to the fullest. For example you can stream content through Netflix, YouTube and many others. There are a wide variety of games available through Google Play Store and they can be easily downloaded with the help of the Android TV box. Such games include Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga.

The Different Names given to Android TV Box

Some of the very popular names that have been given to the Android TV box include Google TV, Android TV, Android Box, Android Stick, Android TV Stick, HDMI Stick, Mini PC, HDMI Box, Smart TV Box and Smart TV Stick. There are a wide assortment of activities that you can carry out using the Android TV box and they are as follows:

  • Playing games or gaming
  • Internet
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • XBMC
  • Whatsapp
  • DLNA (Airplay)
  • Spotify

Android TV box is generally not much larger in comparison to USB stick but it comes with numerous outputs like multiple USB ports. You can easily convert your normal TV into a smart TV by just connecting the smart TV box to your TV. You can get the very best varieties of Android TV boxes at

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