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DroidStar Electronics - Home Of The StarBox Android Smart Tv Box

The Features That Made StarBox The World's Number 1 Android Smart Tv Box

The StarBox series of products are expertly developed android smart tv boxes designed with one thing in mind, freedom.

With the StarBox running on a custom build of the android operating system, your TV – regardless of age or price tag – will be transformed instantly to a fully fledged, feature rich, robustly fast Smart Tv. This means that you can experience the great benefits of a Smart Tv without the hugely inflated price tag.

DroidStar Electronics’ headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland – the silicon valley of Europe. All our products come equipped with a 12 months warranty and you can avail of access to our dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

The StarBox Android Smart Tv Box series have been solidifed as the most popular Smart Tv Boxes in the world, with nearly a quarter of a million products sold worldwide. Let’s take a look at how the StarBox can benefit you.


You’ll have access to over 1.5 million android applications via the Google Play Store and 3rd party app stores, all ready and compatible with the StarBox. You can enjoy the wonders of planning a roadtrip via Google Maps, updating your Facebook or enjoying the wonderful content rich library of the phenomenal YouTube.

Some of the most phenomenal applications out there are doing even more, disrupting telephone services by providing VOIP solutions and even video calling, ensuring you can chat with your family across the world with applications such as the amazing Skype.

With hundreds of new apps added to the Google Play Store every single day, the possibilities are limitless. You can even order a taxi with Uber or Hailo!

The really great thing about the StarBox is the fact that you have access to so many applications, the choice is simply endless. Whether you want to do your shopping on Tesco’s app, update your Instagram status, Tweet to your followers or even the simpler things like check and answer your emails. StarBox has you covered.

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Smart Tv Box Web Browsing

Web Browsing

You’ll be able to browse the internet with the built in browser, or indeed use the various application hubs to download your favourite browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. You’ll be able to surf all your favourite websites, view photos, watch videos and play music from the comfort of your sofa.

Searching Google for the answer has to that tricky question has never been easier, simply load up the browser on your StarBox and search away.

How simple and effective is it to have the flexibility to browse your favourite websites on your large screen TV? We all have our own morning rituals that have long replaced reading the newspaper.

You can browse or and keep up to date with local news or indeed head on over to or to keep up with your football team’s latest headlines. Flexibility personified.

Live TV

All StarBox models come pre-programmed with our industry leading StarBox Live Tv Player. This incredible application, hardcoded into our custom built android operating systems, provides you access to over 600 Tv Channels from all over the world instantly and is completely free of charge.

This groundbreaking application has completely changed the way consumers interact with their home entertainment and positively effected their bank balances too.

Enjoy hundreds of Live TV channels from all over the world on StarBox. RTE1, RTE2, BBC1, BBC2, ITV, ITV2, CH4, 5, E4, BBC News, RTE News and so much more!

Don’t forget that there are also numerous compatible Android applications available to watch Live Tv from all over the world so if you want channels from your region now included in our preinstalled StarBox Live Tv Player, we’re sure you’ll be able to find them.

A lifetime license of the StarBox Live Tv Player is included with every StarBox purchase.

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Streaming Box Tv Shows Movies

Movies & Tv Shows On Demand

In addition to Live Tv, the StarBox Tv Player application and service also provides access to an enormous library of on demand video content for you to browse at your leisure. There are quite literally tens of thousands of Movies, Tv Shows, Documentaries and Sporting shows available for you at the touch of a button, and again – this is absolutely free of charge.

If the latest Hollywood blockbuster is what you’re looking for, don’t forget you can also install Netflix direct from the Google Play store – contact us today to ask what Netflix special offers we currently have running for new users. Google Play Store has started to build up quite a video library themselves. The possibilities and choices are endless.

With Android, there are so many ways to watch Movies & Tv Shows On Demand. Don’t be restricted by what’s on Live Tv – choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. Depending on your location, you can take advantage of several on demand video options available to you. From Netflix to Amazon Instant video, to Hulu and HBO, BBC iPlayer & RTE Player and 4OD, there’s something for everyone!


As part of the StarBox Live Tv Player, there are indeed various Sports Tv Channels from around the world providing you with fantastic content free of charge such as football, wrestling, mixed martial arts, tennis, snooker, american football, boxing, motorsport and many more.

If you wanted to take your Sport choice to another level, we would most definitely recommend premium applications such as WWE Network, UFC Fight Pass and Sky Sports mobile tv. You should contact us for any special offers we currently have to join these services.

There are so many ways to watch your favourite sports games, matches and events on the StarBox. One of our personal bests is Football Today, watching full match replays whenever we miss a game.

Depending on your locale, there are many options. From StarBox Live Tv Player’s Sports content sections to the WWE Network, UFC Fight Pass and Sky Sports Mobile – from NBC Sports Extra to NFL Season Ticket and beyond, StarBox has you covered.

smart tv box sports
gaming smart tv box


It wouldn’t be that Smart of a Smart Tv Box unless it was also Smart enough to let you game! We are truly blessed to be part of the generation defining culture that is gaming.

On StarBox you can play all your favourite Android touch-screen games with a StarBox AirMouse like Candy Crush or take part in your latest war on the awesome Clash of Clans.

Or even grab one of our StarBox GamePads to enjoy some HD Android gaming on the likes of Need For Speed killer Asphalt 8 or some shoot em up Zombie destroying action on Dead trigger 2.

Did we mention you could even launch up an old N64 or Mega Drive emulator and play some Streets Of Rage or GoldenEye? Yep, we said that.

Retro gaming on the StarBox is breathtaking – we can’t get enough of the classics like Sonic 2, Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Kombat and so many more. Retro gaming is beautiful and it can happen in your living room, as it does at StarBox HQ.


Take advantage of the countless applications for enjoying your favourite music and audio on your StarBox. From Spotify for a bit of everything, to Digitally Imported for your Dance Anthems, TuneIn Radio for worldwide radio streams, DoubleTwist for the biggest library of podcasts in the world and of course everyone’s favourite; YouTube!

We’ve all done it, we follow a link to a song on YouTube and spend the next 4 hours clicking on recommended videos and songs – we enjoy reliving classic nostalgic moments in our lives with the wonder that is YouTube. Having a library of classic content at our fingertips is breathtaking and we’ll tell you a secret, this is even more awesome on a TV!

Spotify has quite literally disrupted the music market for the better. It has brought on demand music to the masses and even reduced piracy. Spotify provides access to millions of songs from various international artists and groups. The free account is supplemented by ads or you can go for the monthly fee to take advantage of higher quality and additional functionality.


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