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Android Tv Box Gaming

After a hard day at work, all you want to do is to relax and have some fun with your favorite games. However, purchasing a gaming console can prove to be a costly investment, because not only you need to pay hundreds on the console itself, but you also need to purchase accessories and costly games, something that ups the costs quite a lot.

We firmly believe that gaming should be cheaper and accessible for everyone, and this is why we have created the StarBox  system. Alongside the TV streaming, live channels and Android apps, the system can also run the latest Android games right on your TV at the desired convenience. However, in order for you to get the full gaming effect, we have also designed the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad, a stellar gamepad whose main purpose is to bring a similar feel to console gaming, but at a fraction of their pricing.

The StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad is very similar to the Xbox Controller, so you can see right from the start that it’s designed with professionalism and durability in mind. Moreover, the controller has a very strong grip, so you won’t have a problem using it even during the lengthy gameplay sessions.

In addition, the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad is designed as a lightweight pad, so you can literally use whenever and wherever you want without feeling your hands tired. The dimensions are similar to other gamepads, but the design is what makes this device stand out. It’s also important to note that the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad is wireless, so you won’t have to deal with wires or any other clutter, instead you will receive the full, professional results and effects that you want for only a fraction of the normal price.

Not all Android games are compatible with the StarBox, you will need to check our list for compatibility, but those that run on the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad are definitely providing a console quality gaming experience. Simply put, the gamepad is very responsive and each action is recreated immediately in a very accurate fashion. Thanks to this, the gameplay feel is drastically increased, and you will enjoy the results at all times!

There are a few other benefits that you can take advantage of when you use the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad. For example, the keys can be assigned within the options menu of the StarBox device, so you get a completely customizable and exciting experience while also benefiting from the professional results that the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad is offering.

At the same time, StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad has also been tested with consoles that offer retro gaming capabilities such as the PS1, PS2, but also the Dreamcast, Sega Master System and the Genesis, amongst many others.

With the help of a wireless connection, the astounding processing power of the StarBox as well as complete support for more and more Android games, the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad is definitely the best choice if you want to play your favorite mobile games on your StarBox MX. At the same time, this controller also brings complete compatibility with the older, retro gaming system, so this is surely the best package that you can get as a gamer. We encourage you to check out the StarBox Turbo Thunder GamePad right away, as this is a very promising device and one that you will surely enjoy using!

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