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Buy From DroidStar – The Brand You Can Trust

Thinking about buying an Android Smart Tv Box? Here are the questions you MUST ask yourself beforehand to ensure you’re not buying off someone selling from their gaff with no consumer rights, no enforceable warranty and no comeback!

Is the seller a registered Irish business paying their taxes just like you?

DroidStar Electronics of course are, Company Registration Number: 563463. Snap!

Does the seller have a retail premises for demos and a safe transaction?

StarBox of course DO – we’re at Suite 1, Unit 104A Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15 – open 6 days per week. Kapow!

Does the seller provide a receipt for purchase?

Of course DroidStar does! Because we’re LEGIT! Guess what? If you don’t get a receipt, your transaction didn’t exist and you can kiss bye bye to any promised warranty – it’s not enforceable!


Does the seller have a valid warranty?

DroidStar Electronics of course do – full 12 month warranty with repair or replacement actionable for any issues you may have, Nice!

Does the seller have a dedicated customer service department?

Well, you guessed it – DroidStar do, and what’s more – they’re pretty damn awesome! We have 5 dedicated customer service agents and a team manager open 7 days a week 9am until 9pm to help you with any issues you may have, now THAT’S world class customer care, yo!

Can I pay with my credit or debit card?

You can indeed with – if someone insists on cash, why would you take the risk? is a trading style of DroidStar Electronics  – and is the #1 Manufacturer, Developer & Retailer of Smart Tv Boxes – we ARE the BUSINESS you can trust!


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