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Free Internet Tv With StarBox

Free Internet TV

Televisions are constantly on the rise when it comes to new technology, with many television companies now providing us only the best with countless improvements, features, accessories and access to all the TV shows and movies that we enjoy the most. With the television industry constantly improving they have stumbled across the wonderful world of internet protocol television, or perhaps more commonly known or referred to as IPTV. By combining the internet with television we have unlocked the gateway to a brand new way we enjoy entertainment, especially when you can experience the delights of free internet TV. StarBox is at the forefront of this revolutionary drive.

Expect to see popular brands taking on internet protocol television.

Even though the obvious brands such as Panasonic and Sony are unarguably the leaders when it comes down to internet television, it is not unusual to see all other major TV brands and manufacturers such as LG and Samsung that produce television models that can happily support internet capabilities and streaming. These four particular brands of television sets are known to support popular internet channels such as Yahoo!7 and also ABC iView.

Defining internet protocol television.

Services that are typically provided by internet protocol television can easily be distinguished by three specific classifications of time delayed, live, and programming that is all available on demand. This means you can easily watch your favourite tv show when you want and where you want. And you’ll be glad to know that many of these tv shows provided by internet protocol television can be accessed for free.

Technology is continually improving.

In the past decade, the launch of internet protocol television has unfortunately been highly restricted due to the limited availability of reliable and fast broadband services and options. Nevertheless, fast broadband is steadily becoming readily available in most regions around the world thus allowing for more users to enjoy the benefits of internet protocol television.

What does internet television offer?

Internet television offers its consumers an abundance of different sites with which they are able to easily watch their favourite TV shows. With the ability to be able to choose exactly what shows you would like to watch and when you want to watch, TV companies that require users to have a subscription will never have the same hold on their customers as they once had.

Internet television is able to offer its consumers TV shows that you would typically need to pay for, but for free!

Nevertheless as with anything in life there is always some disadvantage lurking. As internet television requires an internet connection to stream your television shows, you may find that it eats into your monthly download allowance. For example, a three hour movie will consume 4GB for high definition and 2GB respectively for regular definition viewing. Exceeding a download cap can become incredibly costly. Users who have an unlimited broadband connection would significantly benefit from internet TV.

Internet TV certainly represents the next generation in home entertainment. This advanced method for viewers to access TV shows and movies may be one of the most exciting developments to this day and StarBox are here at the front of the pack, leading the way – for you.

Soon we will be releasing our StarBox Player android application – that will provide you with Free To Air Tv Channels from the UK & Ireland. Stay tuned.


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