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Goodbye XBMC – Hello Kodi Entertainment Centre

The XBMC foundation have announced that with the upcoming release of the 14th incarnation of their world famous platform, the most historic event in their history will take place. XBMC will be renamed to Kodi.

Kodi Entertainment Centre will begin life when the foundation developers release version 14, currently codenamed helix.

This will be a little strange to adapt to for users at first, as XBMC is such a hugely popular brand but time heals all wounds as they say.

The Kodi Entertainment Centre will of course be fully customised in the famous StarBox android smart tv box way to work effectively with our products, when the stable release of Kodi becomes available we will begin our own development work to ensure the best possible experience for all of our users.

XBMC began it’s journey as a multi-functional media player for the original Xbox. Once the unit was modified to run custom code, Xbox Media Player could be installed to run a vast array of online content. Over the years, as the platform became more stable and the functionality increased – this was renamed to Xbox Media Centre, to further cement the flexible nature of the product.

Of course, a long time has passed since then and although XBMC still functions on the original Xbox, the vast majority of users are on various platforms including PC, Linux, iOS and of course Android. With little current ties to the originating device, the name change makes sense.

Kodi Entertainment Centre will continue to offer the very same functionality you’ve come to know and love from XBMC and StarBox will continue to provide custom development of the product in order to facilitate the management of our user’s personal media library.

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