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Internet TV UK

These days more and more people are making a change, they are deciding to dump the likes of Sky tv and cable companies like BT or Virgin.

Did you know there was a better option, a cheaper option, an option that puts you in control of what you watch when you want it. So what is this great new thing that needs no contract, no dishes, no ariels and no monthly payments? It is of course internet tv uk – and it’s absolutely great!

Using any box from the StarBox range you can access internet tv in the UK, all you need is an internet connection. What you watch is up to you.

For a one off payment you can watch hundreds of free to air channels from all over the world.

Are you fed up of waiting for your favourite show to air on tv in the UK? On the StarBox you can view almost every tv show ever made and often episodes are available as soon as they air in the USA via services such as Netflix and more.

If you are living in the UK you can access shows from the BBC iplayer and the ITVplayer directly from any one our internet tv boxes.

If you are in to sports you can see some great sports free on both BBC and ITV. You can watch the Olympics, FA cup, Champions League, The World Cup, Uefa Cup, European Championships, Horse Racing, Darts, Athletics all via worldwide free to air platforms such as terrestrial tv channels across Europe and Beyond.

Our box gives you freedom to watch all kinds of great content either live or on demand. All boxes include channels such as BBC, ITV, Dave, Yesterday, Channel 4, Channel 5, Pick, CBS reality.

Other channels available show sports including boxing, UFC, soccer, American Football, baseball, basketball, car racing, drifting and everything in between. It’s quite incredible.

For the little ones there is a massive range of movies, cartoons and kids shows to keep them entertained for hours on end all available when you want to watch them via various different android compatible platforms.

What is needed to use our Starbox? You need only one thing, the internet.

All you need to do is connect the box to the internet either by wifi or by ethernet, connect the box to your tv via hdmi cable and enjoy free UK internet tv.

The StarBox can be used for more than just internet tv. Our boxes come with USB slots and an SD card slot too this means that you can view any photos, videos or documents that you might have stored elsewhere on your tv through any StarBox.

StarBox is the future right here and now. What makes us stand out is we have built the best possible software that makes using our box so simple.

If you are going on holiday or travelling for business then you can bring the box to the hotel with you. The boxes are small and light and take up little space in your bag.

The software we built can easily be updated, we have a dedicated support team, and we have sold 1000s of our internet tv uk units so far.

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