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Is it time to say bye bye tv bills?

Our incredible StarBox Android Tv Box range has been disrupting the home entertainment industry for over a year now – saying bye bye tv bills is one of the most powerful things our users can do.

Ultimately it’s down to choice – are you happy with paying ridiculously over the odds for the same repetitive content via premium television providers or is it time to drastically reduce your outgoings by learning something new and taking control of both your entertainment needs and your financial destiny?

Being in control of what you watch and when you watch it is an incredibly empowering position to be in. Having on demand access to a huge movie and tv show library, having access to live and historical sporting content and having the functionality to turn your tv into a smart tv – all for a one off price – is what the StarBox can do for you.

Are you interested in finding out more about this revolutionary StarBox series? Great news! You have some options.

Firstly – and this is our recommended option, used by hundreds of people each week – pop into our showroom at Unit 104A Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15. Our sales team will be more than happy to provide you with an in depth, demonstration on how to use the core StarBox system and show you how within a couple of minutes, you’ll be fluent enough in the StarBox world to be able to take your StarBox home, quickly go through the self-install process and be online within minutes.

One of the greatest things about the StarBox series is the fact that there’s something for everyone. We have several different models for several different situations and requirements. Whether you want to only part with the minimum outlay for our entry level system, cannot go without having the BEST of the BEST and lean towards our premium deluxe Titan model – or somewhere in between, we have you covered.

With nearly 30,000 worldwide users, the StarBox brand and product range continues to gain traction in the home entertainment world – giving our users the cost effective alternative to premium television content providers.

So here we have a product range that not only puts you in charge of what you want to watch and when you want to watch it, but actually REDUCES your monthly outgoings whilst giving you access to MORE content – sounds too good to be true right? It’s not, and it’s available to take home today from our retail operation at Unit 104A Coolmine Industrial Estate, Dublin 15 or indeed available to order with worldwide shipping available via our website:

It’s time to finally say bye bye tv bills and hello to StarBox!

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