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Promotions & Free Tv Ireland & Uk

Sometimes we get asked why we have so many customer focused promotions, as if we should unapologetically charge €500 each for our StarBox android tv boxes and do no promotions quite simply because people see StarBox worth as so high and very much in the “they pay for themselves” bracket.

It’s true, they do pay for themselves and their worth is very high and having a StarBox in your household is something that’s not only enjoyable from an entertainment perspective but can also add real value to your financial situation, cutting your outgoings significantly.

We’ll be doing an article on the pay tv market very soon so I won’t go into too much detail here but it’s certainly worth noting that Pay Tv companies subscriptions are horrendously high. To get your fix of movies and sports on the UK and Ireland’s top Pay Tv platform, it costs you in the region of €100 per month. Imagine not just reducing that but wiping it completely? That’s not just about having good tv to watch, that improves your family life and frees up funds for you to spend with your kids on activities that make everyone smile, the tv aspect is just a  bonus right?

So we giveaway a free StarBox every month on our facebook page. We have done every month this year, and we will continue to do so.  Obviously there’s a marketing aspect to that particular promotion, we want as many people to know about our product as possible – that goes without saying, but it’s also about education. Free tv sounds too good to be true, we want to educate the public in the sense that in all honesty, you can have a StarBox with no monthly bills with our product. We enjoy proving that it works.

What does the StarBox do? It gives you access right of the box to an abundance of free to air live tv channels from all over the world. Hundreds of them.

We also do promotions regularly, for the people who enter our facebook contests and don’t win – we provide coupon discount codes for our online store. So nobody goes away empty handed.

Free tv in Ireland and the UK has always been an area where questionable decryption methods were used to achieve results. None of that happens with the StarBox. All content is broadcasted over the internet and is either FREE TO AIR or available on demand for you via applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. The StarBox does not decrypt or unscramble an encrypted broadcast – it simply connects to thousands of sources of content stored in the cloud and lets you access them from the comfort of your home. Free tv in ireland and the Uk is a reality with the StarBox. Legally.

It’s different, it’s new and it certainly isn’t a channel up channel down user experience but for those willing to embrace future technology today, it’s absolutely incredible and will blow your mind.

Do you want free tv Ireland? Do you want free tv Uk? Do you want free Tv anywhere in the world?

Get your StarBox Smart Tv Box today. It’s what the world is watching.

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