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Save Money On Your TV Bills

Hands up. We’re all wasting money on services we don’t use – gym membership, unused phone minutes, TV packages. We’re being billed every month by the big players for features that are supposed to make our lives easier, but instead we’re paying for content we don’t have the time to make use of. There’s got to be a better way.

Well, there is an easy way to make your TV work for you and instantly save money on your tv bills.

Here’s our 5-step guide.

What are you actually watching?

A good starting point is to keep a note of what you’re watching, when you’re watching, and how you’re watching it. Perhaps you never miss an episode of Eastenders or Fair City? Do you devour every episode of Masterchef? Or maybe the kids are the real boss of the TV, with endless reruns of Peppa Pig? You’re not alone.

Now take a look at how you’re watching your favourite shows. Maybe you’re a traditionalist, religiously tuning into your favourite soap at half-past seven on the dot. The young things among you, brought up on computers and gadgets, are used to being able to watch TV when it suits you with online catch-up. If you’re busy with work, children, your social life, or all of the above, you probably record all your favourite shows and have a big chilled-out TV binge on a Sunday afternoon. Whichever way you choose to watch, StarBox has the perfect solution, from linear viewing on Freeview, to back-to-back sessions of your favourite drama on-demand.

Reduce your channels

So now you’ve figured out what you’re watching – and what you’re not watching – you can take concrete action to reduce your bills. €21.50 on movies you don’t even get to choose? Gone. An extra tenner to have a package with all the kids’ channels? Not required. Ditching the big provider and switching to StarBox could save you up to €1200 per year. Remember, it’s a one off price with no more bills!

The aim here isn’t to eliminate the content you have available to you and your family – it’s to reduce the cost by eliminating what you don’t watch. Now it’s time to make your TV work for you…

Take it back to basics

As a base, Freeview and Saorview provides basic channels, with a bunch more in the pipeline. These channels are the ones you’ve been watching forever with all your favourite soaps, the news relevant to you, and more cookery shows than you can wave a stick at. Think of this as the meat-and-potatoes of your televisual experience – it probably provides the majority of what you watch.

Now for dessert. We’re constantly told that the future of TV is online and it’s true! All the main UK and Irish channels have their corresponding free-to-use catch-up services, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, RTÉ Player and 3Player. All have content available for seven days following broadcast. They’re all available through StarBox, at a couple of clicks of the remote. With these services, you don’t need to remember to record your favourite shows – just click play.

Build it back up – your way

The extra bells and whistles come courtesy of StarBox. We give you access to a huge host of films on demand via applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime – the home of some of the best new drama, including Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, as well as the only place to see the new series of The Killing, coming up later in 2014. Unlike the big TV providers, everything is available instantly.

StarBox store also offers the biggest films and TV box sets on demand via applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. The top tv boxsets such as 24, Breaking Bad, The 100, Orange is the new black and Game of Thrones. The latest movies are all available on StarBox too – imagine having access to a huge library of movies for everyone at the touch of the botton? That’s what StarBox does!

Watching Live Sports and on-demand replays couldn’t be easier. StarBox gives you access to an abundance of sporting content and really pushes the boundaries by letting you catch up later – or simply rewatch – the items after they’ve aired.

All of these services, and loads more, are available through StarBox, helping you to customise your perfect TV package.

Get a StarBox!

So that’s all great, but it all sounds like a bit of a headache, piecing together lots of different services to make a custom TV package.

Not so! StarBox gives you access to free to air channels as standard, comes pre-installed with the Google Play store and is the perfect place to watch movies and Tv shows on demand, just with a couple of clicks on your remote.

You can also run your favourite apps on StarBox, keeping in touch with friends and family on the big screen through Facebook and Skype.

Instead of a monthly subscription, StarBox has a one-off cost and then you can do as you please, whether that’s watching nothing but Big Brother, or working your way through every film or tv boxset on demand. With no contract, you’ll never be tied down again, free to spend what you want – when you want – on your television service.

Save money on your tv bills today.

 Click here to find out more about StarBox and order yours today.

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