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Say no to Loaded Android TV Boxes

Today, it’s easy to go online and find someone selling loaded Android boxes but that might not be all that it seems.

There is a grey area when it comes to selling Android TV boxes which are loaded with software which provides access to channels which normally cost money from a supplier, and any person or company selling fully loaded boxes is walking the fine line between legal and illegal.

That is why, here at DroidStar Electronics, we do not load our TV boxes before selling – what we do is, we sell you quality hardware which has not only been tested extensively in-house, it has also been refined by our development team to ensure every component works to its greatest potential.

Our boxes to not run generic software like most on the market, our team of Android developers have worked on the Android operating system to ensure the greatest user experience possible. Not only that, we make additional “under the hood” tweaks to get the most out of the hardware too, that’s why all of our boxes (depending on which one!) support HD, Ultra HD 4k and also 3d video!

But “Loaded TV Boxes” are so much easier! I hear you cry –

Ok, we hear you – and that may be the case.. for the first few days, but because suppliers of fully loaded TV boxes are often fly by night operations, what happens if something goes wrong? Do they have an experienced customer support team waiting to respond to your issues? Do they back their hardware with a full repair or replace 12 month warranty? Do they have stores dotted across Ireland for you to come in and chat to their staff, and have a demo before you buy? You bet they don’t! Why? Because it’s very likely that they’re trying to avoid the public profile that comes with all of the above.. It’s that grey area again.

So if Droidstar’s boxes aren’t loaded, what use do they have?

Excellent question! Droidstar Electronics sell their StarBox TV boxes preinstalled with the StarBox Live TV player which will give you instant access to all of your regular TV channels, and also include a specialised app store, this app store, along with the short welcome sheet we provide, will allow you to be up and running watching whatever you want, whenever you want, within a matter of minutes.

With the simple steps outlined, as well as our after-sales support team, you should have no problems whatsoever – we’ve sold boxes to parents for younger children, and to 80 and 90 year olds, and every age range in between, and all of them have been able to get through the simple setup process with very little help, if any.

Right – so I perform the setup myself if I buy a StarBox, but why StarBox?

  • StarBox have stores across Ireland, with friendly knowledgeable staff who will give you a full demo and talk you through the features before buying – the stores are also your point of drop off/collection should your box ever need to come in for a repair
  • We have a dedicated customer support team who take support queries around the clock – if you have an issue, they can advise, if they feel that your product is faulty they’ll issue you a returns reference to take to your nearest store, or give you details to post back.
  • We offer a full warranty on all of our Android TV Boxes – that means, if your box develops a fault which the support team cannot resolve with you, we will repair the box, or replace it with a brand new box, completely free of charge.
  • We’ve been operating for years, and sold hundreds of thousands of units – we’re not in the business to make a quick buck and leave, we operate outside the grey area of loading boxes to ensure we’ll be around for years to come
  • Our hardware is second to none – many online sellers will sell you a cheap Chinese clone box which is likely to develop faults or even stop working completely, some of those boxes are even unsafe! If this happens, who will you turn to? With a StarBox, you have our full support and warranty to back you up
  • We know our stuff – this is what we do, we’re an Android TV Box retailer primarily, so we know our products inside out, we stock them both in our warehouse and our stores, we don’t simply take delivery from china and push them out to customers, we use our trusted suppliers and test every unit extensively before they are stocked for online or in-store purchase.

How does that differ to online retailers who sell loaded boxes?

  • Those online “retailers” are usually someone operating out of their spare bedroom – there’s no store to visit and you have to buy blind
  • By loading boxes before selling, they are risking potential prosecution, or at least having their operation shut down – if you have an issue, and that happens, who will you contact?
  • These guys are in it to make some quick money, they’ll sell you the cheapest product they can find, this not only compromises stability, but sometimes safety too! We’ve been asked to repair some boxes from other suppliers, and what we found was quite scary at times!
  • Standard, generic Android version – these guys download whatever TV box Android they can find and stick it on their boxes, very little testing is involved, and if an issue arises, they don’t know how to fix it, so you’re on your own!
  • No warranty – even if they claim there is. If someone operates from their home, and sells 20 boxes, and they all break down, do you think they’ll spend their hard earned profit to replace them? Nope!
  • Quite simply – they don’t sell a StarBox, the best Android TV box on the market – ok, we may be biased, but our reputation and feedback would agree!

So, steer clear of pre-loaded Android TV boxes, the chances are, you’ll be left to deal with any problems yourself, and at very least, you know you’ve bought from someone who’s willing to operate in the shadier side of things, which probably means they’ll not care about you once they have your money!




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