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The StarBox Android Kodi Box Range

There is an abundance of different TV boxes readily available on the market. With thanks to many cheap, unreliable Eastern overseas companies that are continuously trying to expand on the current android kodi box industry, and let’s not forget to mention even larger companies such as Amazon, Apple and even Google who have opted in on taking the challenge, in an attempt to cash in on this new unique technology as a big named brand. So with so many companies slowly working their way into the new TV box market, who is really the most experienced? With Amazon, Google and Apple all coming from a non TV based background, are they simply just jumping on an idea without any direct thought?

This can quickly become very confusing for any consumer looking to purchase a android kodi box and with many of the larger companies not supporting the popular Kodi Media Center (previously known as XBMC) Starbox TV Box may be a better choice with their developed Android Kodi Tv Box front end. With a Starbox TV box you aren’t required to learn about installing or even configuring your Starbox TV box, the StarBox is a simple plug and play device.

Why should I choose a TV Box over a Mini-PC stick. Aren’t they the same thing?

Not entirely. However TV boxes are known to use a very similar or if not the exact same hardware setup as its smaller Mini-PC stick counterpart. And if this wasn’t confusing enough for you already, a majority of mini-PC sticks go by the name of ‘Google TV Box’, needless to say they are certainly not a box and are unable to run Google TV. So don’t be fooled!

Nevertheless TV boxes are unfortunately more expensive than most mini-PC sticks but in their defence they are far more powerful in terms of speed, reliability, and technology. Regarding storage capabilities, both products are equal but TV boxes are known for their additional and multiple video-output options which mini-PC sticks seemingly don’t provide.

What is a TV box capable of doing?

For instance, with the Starbox TV box, you will no longer need to worry about expensive monthly TV bills. And for the best part you can experience all the same functions and application found on any other Android device. Your Starbox TV box is capable of running Android apps such as a web browser and also games, they are certainly a product to help you get creative with your home (or even business, if you’re feeling generous) entertainment. Your android kodi box also comes with the ability for you to install popular media players or if you prefer, you can download streaming applications and movies from a particular provider of your choice. The TV box can also be used with a variety of different model Android phones effortlessly, nevertheless if you aren’t an owner of an Android phone you can always hook up to the box with a keyboard, touchpad or even a remote control, all of which can be found here at Starbox for great value.

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