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Quick Guide to Internet TV Box

Quick Guide to Internet TV Box

Internet TV has certainly become increasingly popular over the years with individuals and family units around the globe. Nevertheless, with such a growing number of people taking advantage of internet TV, what is all the fuss really about? If you are an individual who has not yet experienced the wonders of internet TV or perhaps you are planning on joining the growing mass of internet TV users you may want to know a little more into this relatively new phenomenon that is taking our households by storm.

The advantages of internet TV

One of the primary reasons why so many people are purchasing internet TV sets is the ease and accessibility of TV shows and movies that are of interest to you. It is somewhat guaranteed to expect to find your favourite movies and TV shows available on demand, around the clock, 24/7. Nevertheless, if you are sat watching the latest episode of your favourite TV show and the telephone rings or you need to answer the door, you can quite simply pause your show or movie with minimal effort.

Many sets that include internet TV come with a rewatch and rewind feature. If you missed a critical point in a movie, or perhaps you want to see your favourite actor perform that amazing stunt once again, you can rewatch it, or even slow it down with the slow motion feature. Which, let’s admit, is perfect for watching sports.

If there is an old TV show that you used to watch and is no longer aired on regular TV, you may be in luck. Most internet TV sets come with an abundance of old reruns and different shows from the decades, however this depends on the service provider and their archive of movies and shows. This feature provides you with the potential to sit back and watch all the favourite episodes you once enjoyed. You can even watch the same episode or show over and over again if you really wanted too!

Internet TV does not just stop there. You can also browse through many popular image websites, stream your favourite Youtube videos and particular brands of internet TV sets allow you to even stay connected with friends and family through social media such as Twitter or Facebook. It is also possible to stream your favourite radio stations or even your own personal MP3 collection through internet TV too.

With so many advantages, surely there must be some disadvantages?

Nevertheless, with so many benefits to internet TV there are only a few minor disadvantages which users should be made aware of. Internet TV as like any other product comes with an initial cost, but you then need to be prepared for accessories and also an internet connection. So, not only will you need to purchase the actual TV set, you may need to purchase Ethernet cables, wireless receivers and also power-line adaptors.

You may be unfortunate enough to discover that not all of the shows or movies that you plan on watching are available for an entire week or if not longer after they are first seen on regular TV. If you plan on relying entirely on internet TV for your TV show fix, you may find that a friend or family member may have watched an episode a week before you which runs the risk of unwanted and unappreciated spoilers.

Some TV companies are known to only show a few episodes through internet TV, which means they miss out an episode here and there, this prevents internet TV owners from watching shows entirely by Internet TV or online. Which means if you want to watch your favourite shows in full you may need to pay an additional subscription fee for specific TV or movie packages.

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