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StarBox – The Ultimate IPTV Box


The world wide web has become extremely over run with media software, programs and features and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. This increase in media orientation has benefited the internet and broadband connections greatly. Internet video originally started out as a small sector of the internet, but has increasingly grown online with many thanks to its popularity, into some of the largest video sharing websites and platforms currently available.

Many decades ago many individuals would never have suspected that the internet would be used through our television sets; a concept which has become popular with movie fantastic and family units who wish to catch up with their favourite TV shows. With thanks to IPTV box units -also known as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) hardware – and also the likes of Internet TV, it seems that these new concepts of technology are slowly replacing the likes of traditional cable television when it comes to choosing a method of watching video programming and distributing video content online.

Nevertheless, Internet Protocol Television such as IPTV box sets and internet TV use the very same technology, and even the exact same equipment to provide video content, they are very different systems in their own right. Both systems are entirely opposite in their roles, fashioned with entirely different intentions when it comes to home entertainment.

The StarBox range however, occupies many spaces!

Internet TV

Internet television is a typical looking television in appearance but comes with the ability to broadcast throughout the Internet. Internet television is not to be confused or associated with Web TV, which is typically user generated content. The content found via internet televisions is professionally created content, such as movies and TV shows that are distributed on the Internet. Even though the content is professionally produced, a high percentage of the content available comes from smaller or lesser known production companies. You may not discover all the latest Hollywood blockbusters on there.

Many households can accommodate and use internet TV easily and it comes without a charge. Internet TV is a method of accessing distributed content for free and is openly available. This means it can also be accessed by desktop computers and laptops that may also be connected to the internet – you can do all this on your StarBox.

Internet Protocol Television and IPTV Box set

Internet Protocol Television provides consumers with a system for major and larger distributors of video content. This allows larger distributors, such as Hollywood produced movies to subsequently use the Internet as a platform in order to distribute their content. A unique decoder box or IPTV box is required by your television set in order to access and control the content that is being distributed over the internet. Using an IPTV box like the StarBox to power and control your online content is the future.

Internet Protocol Television and the use of IPTV box systems are well established in the world of the media and are subsequently seen as the next generation of media content distribution. IPTV box systems are well on their way to replacing traditional television systems with a internet based system that is far more flexible. The fact of the matter is online content is where it’s at – the days of satellite and cable are coming to an end, digital delivery via IPTV is the future, a future that StarBox are well placed to serve you throughout this very exciting technological revolution.

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