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StarBox Octa Core Android Tv Box – It’s Close

The world of Android powered Smart Tv Boxes – also known as the phenomenon of the Android Tv Box – has grown so much in 2014. We started off the year with dual core units punching way above their weight, we end the year with several quad core models with up to 2gb of RAM hopping off the shelves around the world – it’s only natural that we look into the future and wonder what 2015 will bring.

Octa Core Android Tv Boxes are coming – and is right in the thick of the action!

We’ve been working with our manufacturing partners for 12 weeks now on what we feel is going to be the octa core android tv box of choice in the New Year.

The power this unit has packed in our testing so far is incredible – remember using your first ever touch screen device? That’s what it feels like when using this octa core android tv box – it’s such an incredible step up in both technology and power from what we see on the market today.

We’re still working on hardware video decoding for 2k and 4k content on our octa core android tv box, when that is done – we’ll be ready to release into the world, the first ever Octa Core StarBox!

We can’t wait.


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