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StarBox – WiFi TV Without Paying Thousands!


As we are more than aware technology is continually advancing, especially in the world of the media. This also includes incredible changes and advances within the world of television and home entertainment. The latest feature that is proving to be incredibly popular is WiFi TV or also equally known as WiFi Television. WiFi TV is a method in which your television set is able to access your households internet connection plus an abundance of different online content.

WiFi TV access is made possible through subscription services such as Pandora, Netflix and many others on demand. There are so many great reasons and benefits as to why consumers should choose WiFi TV over traditional methods of entertainment viewing. For instance WiFi TV provides viewers with a bountiful amounts of content, plus you will never need to fiddle around with the hassle of cables in and around your home. WiFi TV also posses the ability to connect to a wide variety of different electronic devices such as gaming consoles, satellite & cable conversion boxes and also DVD players.

This article’s purpose is to explain WiFi TV technology as a whole and explain the benefits in greater detail – and tell you why you do NOT need to spend a fortune on a Smart Tv!

How does WiFi TV work?

A television that has WiFi comes with a built in wireless adapter inside. This makes the TV able to connect to your households high speed internet connection which means TV shows, music and movies can be streamed online. Users who choose WiFi TV have access to other content too, such as social media (Twitter and Facebook), or even popular VOIP services such as Skype. For individuals looking to stream music and movies through their WiFi TV, you will first need to subscribe to an online media provider to do so. To get all this, you’re probably looking at a minimum of €1000 for a large 50″ + screen. With a StarBox, you get all this and more for a fraction of the cost!

Why should I invest in a StarBox Android Smart Tv Box to get my WiFi TV?

There are so many great reasons as to why you should choose a StarBox for your WiFi TV. For example, the actual unit is incredibly easy and simple to install. Most WiFi TV’s are compatible with a number of different electronic devices. Your StarBox WiFi TV will also work with many types of internet connections, as long as they are stable and reliable. Your StarBox is also portable in some aspects, it is not limited to one part of the house, which means you can watch your favourite movies or TV shows from the kitchen, the living room or even the bathroom!

Why is a StarBox WiFi TV so easy to install and setup?

Using a StarBox for your WiFi TV is incredibly easy to setup with its built in menu that is simple to use. The menu will walk a user through setting up any linked devices and also their internet connection to the TV. All of our units are able to simply work with many internet connections that have a router. This includes, Integrated Service Digital Network, broadband and Digital Subscriber Line plus many others however these are commonly the most recommend. With the StarBox WiFi TV’s flexibility to link up to most types of internet connection, it means that the user doesn’t need to switch internet connections to enjoy their new entertainment service. The StarBox WiFi TV can also work from a cell or mobile phone’s generated signal, which means you can take this service almost anywhere!

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