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StarBox Titan 2 – T8 Plus Android Tv Box

The StarBox Titan 8 T8 Android Tv Box has been a roaring success.

With this product launch we did over 300 pre-orders, and 247  sales in our retail shop in week 1.

As it stands today, after the most successful launch we have ever had – we’ve sold over 2000 Titan 8 boxes.

So how can we take this amazing box and make it better? It’s hard – but we’re nearly there.

The StarBox Titan 2 – T8 Plus Android Tv Box is drawing near, some of the improvements include an improved graphics card, a faster processor, h.265 hardware acceleration and a gigabit ethernet port.

We hope to release more details shortly – and your Titan will be no means be out of date! We’ll just have 2 to choose from!

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