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So, you live in Buckhurst Hill and you’re looking for a way to reduce your monthly outgoings? Look no further! An Android Smart TV Box from DroidStar Electronics will allow you to access a massive amount of content, from movies and TV shows, to the biggest and best LIVE sporting events – never miss your favourite team play again.

Our Smart TV Boxes can replace your existing TV subscription, there’s no monthly fees, pay once and it’s yours for life – check out our Android TV Box Comparison page!

All you need to run our Android TV Box in your Buckhurst Hill home, or business, is a TV set and an internet connection – there’s no need for a dish or aerial.

Not only do our Android TV boxes provide a free TV service in Buckhurst Hill – they also turn your TV into a Smart TV, allowing you to access the internet, your emails, all of your favourite Android games, listen to music and much, much more.

DroidStar Electronics have been selling TV boxes across Ireland for many years, and have sold over 100 thousand units worldwide. We are now expanding into Buckhurst Hill meaning you too can take advantage of this excellent electronic device.

Setup is quick and easy, and we’re backed by our world class, 24/7/365 customer support team who will help you out with any teething issues. Our devices all include a full repair or replace warranty, which means that in the unlikely event that your Smart TV Box breaks, we’ll take it back, fully repair and test it, or replace it with a brand new unit.

Say bye bye to expensive TV bills in Buckhurst Hill – no more are you tied down to the small selection of providers in your area, cancel your subscription TV service and replace it with a StarBox today!

With prices starting under £70 – the cost of one months TV subscription to some providers, you’ll be saving  money after just ONE MONTH! Visit our online store today and choose your box – you know it makes sense!

Get a StarBox, get FREE movies, FREE sports, FREE TV in Buckhurst Hill

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