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What Is A Smart Watch

So you’re asking yourself, what is a smart watch? Here’s a breakdown on everything you may have been wondering.

A smart watch is a piece of new technology that makes your business and lifestyle a lot easier to handle. With the ability to manage music, pictures and calls, getting through even the busiest of day is made simple. These stylish and high-tech watches come in a range of prices and an assortment of colours and designs. Take the DroidStar DW8 Smart Watch for instance, comes with a sapphire glass overlay and a modern “wood grain” finish, now if we compare this to the DroidStar DW10 Smart Watch, the design is totally different with a stainless steel case and a super soft rubber band but delivering the same high tech software.

So, when you ask “what is a smart watch?” the answer you get can vary wildly, because a smart watch is many things. These watches contain software that can be linked to your mobile phone, so when in a busy or noisy place, you can be notified on these watches so them all important phone calls are never missed.

The display can be customized to show different style clock faces, so if you prefer roman numerals or a digital clock face, the choice is entirely yours. With built in cameras, there’s is no need to worry about missing the perfect picture.Is fitness an important part of your lifestyle? With the built in fitness tracker, it has never been simpler to keep an eye on your progress!

1. It is a camera – Ever forgot your camera or phone and missed a moment you wish you managed to capture? No need to worry anymore, as smart watches come with a built in camera!

2. It is a music player – Wanting to play music with the touch of a button? This is made possible with smart watches. Store your mp3 collection directly on your device or control your album collection on your phone via a touch of your smart watch

3. It is a picture gallery – Do you have a favourite moment you cherish? Smart watches have proven to be a great way to carry your favourite memories with you. Browse through your albums, photos and videos, and share your memories with your friends and family, all from your wrist

4. It is a fitness tracker – Wanting to lose a couple of pound? or tone up? the built in fitness tracker can help towards your goals. With the finess tracker, there’s no need to keep taking your phone or other devices from your pocket to check your progress, one glance of your watch and this is accomplished.

5. It keeps you connected – Enjoy using Facebook or other social media sites? Well now you can keep up-to-date with your friends and family with one glance. Update status’s and adding new tweets has never been more simple!

So when your friends ask “what is a smart watch” you can educate them too!


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