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What is an Android TV Box and What Does it Do?

You’re probably at least aware of the fact that Android TV boxes exist, and that they’re big news!

What is an Android TV Box?

Have you ever used an Android tablet, or an Android phone? Chances are, you have. Android TV boxes run the same operating system (the software that makes it “work”) and so it can perform many of the same functions, from running games and web related apps, to taking over as your main source of TV.

What? TV?

That’s right, because an Android TV box connects directly to your TV, it can actually take over from regular methods of watching TV – There’s no longer any need for an aerial or dish, or an expensive TV subscription.

Let us tell you about the various different functions of an Android TV box

Android TV Box Functions

-Web Browsing

A pretty self explanitory feature, much like a smartphone or tablet, an Android TV box comes with a built in browser app, you can also install any of your favourite browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome onto your box. Load up the browser app and visit any of your favourite websites from the comfort of your sofa. Looking for the latest news? No problem – want to check the weather? You got it, need to settle an argument by answering a question? Google’s got it sorted for you, all from the browser on your Android TV box.

-Social Media

In today’s world, social media probably gets more attention than the people sat in the room with you. Use your Smart TV box to load up your social media profile, use the Facebook app, the Twitter app, or any other social media app to see what’s going on with your friends, family and the people you follow.

Keep your Facebook logged in on your box and you’ll get notifications directly on your TV when you receive a new post, message or tag – what more could you want?!


Android has a massive amount of games available to play, downloadable directly from the Play store, from real time strategies to first person shooters, and arcade style games such as Angry Birds – if you’ve ever played an Android game on your phone, you can play the exact same games on your Smart TV box, on your large screen TV.

If your TV box is powerful enough you can even install an emulator for older consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo 64 or original Xbox and play the games for those consoles directly on your TV box without having to dust off your old consoles.



Have you ever heard Kodi or XBMC mentioned? If you already know what it is, great – for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an all in one media centre app, it can provide streaming for music, video and more, but what really makes it special is the addons – With a good set of video addons installed, Kodi can replace your current TV subscription for free, it doesn’t require an aerial, it doesn’t require a dish, it just requires a quick setup, with a Starbox TV box, the setup is quick and easy and should take less than 5 minutes.


Kodi can open you up to a massive amount of sports, whether you’re a football fan, a cricket or tennis fan, or love MMA, Kodi will have a solution for you to view all of your favourite sporting events, whether you watch it live or play it back at a later date on-demand you should be able to view it in full HD whilst saving on expensive subscriptions.


Love movies? Rom Coms, Horrors, Thrillers – whatever the genre a well configured Kodi app will unlock a massive world of movies, from the golden oldies to the present day. Gone are the days of fishing through a huge DVD collection to find the film that you’re looking for, just fire up your Kodi app, run a quick search and watch it. What more could you want?

–TV Shows

There’s no denying that we all love TV, but the shows we watch differ, but one thing we all have in common is this – an Android TV box will have every single program you could ever want to watch. Whether you want to watch 1 episode a week, or you want to watch a full season back to back, a Smart TV box will allow you to do it your way, at any time – on-demand content revolutionises the way we watch TV, no more staying up late to watch a show, or having to remember to set a show to record, simply search, select, watch.

–Live TV

Of course, on-demand content is great for those of us who like to watch when we want, convenience is the key with on-demand content, but what if you just can’t wait and want to watch the next episode of Eastenders on TV? There’s no need to plug in an aerial, just load up the extensive Live TV section of your configured Kodi and check out the available channels, there are thousands of channels available from across the globe, so even if you’re not in your home country you can still watch channels from back home.

-Netflix & Other Streaming Apps

It goes without saying that an Android TV box also supports other popular streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime – if you watch Netflix on your laptop or PC, you can just as easily use it on an Android TV box, the only difference being, you’ll be able to watch all of your favourite Netflix programs on your big screen TV.


So there you have it, instead of asking yourself what an Android TV box can do, you really should ask yourself what it can’t do! You should also be asking yourself, if you don’t have an Android TV box, what are you waiting for – why don’t you have one? They’re the next generation in TV, no matter what you want to watch, or when you want to watch it, an Android TV box has you sorted.

Say bye bye to your expensive TV bills, play your favourite games and browse the web all on one small, inexpensive device that will save you hundreds per year.

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